Showcasing some of the finest upcoming horror writers.

Christine Lajewski

Christine Lajewski, writer and haunt actor, presents 'A Haunt Actor's Life: I Am the Trigger', a discussion on the value of fear. Read her description of a haunt actor's motivation to scare people, their limitations, the unexpected effect the 9/11 attacks had on custom, and a moving account of one little girl's overcoming of her fear.

Matt Adcock

Matt has been busy carving out a unique niche for himself, a niche that positively reeks of his own brand of twisted sci-fi/comedy/horror/noir. I'm honoured to have been one of the first to read his rip-roaring debut novel 'Complete Darkness', and in 'An Un-H0lli Night', this short story continuation of the 'Dark Matters Universe', we gain further insight into the twisted, wild world pouring forth from his mind. Read on. It's gonna get crazy.

Hannah Repka

Poet, lifestyle blogger, reviewer, and all round awesome writer Hannah Repka presents ‘The Moon’, featured in Envie literary magazine. Not necessarily horror, but eerily haunting to a degree beyond many genre pieces, this is a fluid, dreamlike narrative that threads between the elliptical thoughts of two lovers in embrace. I get something new from this with every read, and hope you love it as much as I do.

David Curfiss

U.S. Navy veteran David Curfiss wrote his first apocalyptic fiction in seventh grade, and has now put his passion onto paper once again with his debut novel. In this instalment of Writers' Spotlight, David has very kindly provided a sample of the desolated future he's created. Read the first chapter of 'A Thousand Miles to Nowhere' and, please God, survive.

Mai Kil

Horror writer, poet, artist, and self-professed badass air guitarist. Check out Mai Kil’s dark poem 'The Unkind Stranger', featured in The Siren’s Call magazine and available to read right here, or 'Essential', the tale of a struggling cashier during a pandemic.

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