September 2021

Well, it’s been a while…

 I hope you’ve enjoyed your couple of months without these updates, but such solace could not continue forever. Some minds are just too full of nightmares to stay silenced for long, and yours truly is charged with such a mind.

As such, allow me to fill you in on a few goings-on from the past while, before ending with a newly published short story for you to consume, as well as a hint at some rather exciting news…

First off, I’m happy to inform you that the masses have continued to descend into the darkness of my debut novel, For Rye. The reviews have been nothing short of unbelievable; the emails from fans wishing to express their enjoyment of the book have been truly heart-warming; the thoughts and meditations shared with me by readers on things I never thought anyone would pick up from within the story have been indescribable to hear.

Ultimately, the whole experience has been wildly affirming, and I wish to extend my humble thanks once again to everyone who made it happen, as well as to the horror freaks that have kindly taken a chance on this slightly mad first-time author.

If you’re still reeling from the nightmare of For Rye, or struggling to come to terms with the grisly ending that’s probably just about as nihilistic and bleak as you could possible get, then check out these recent YouTube breakdowns of the book.

Let Kasha of Kasha’s Book Sematary dissect the horrors within:

Or Lydia Peever of Typical Books break down the traumas and tragedies of Renata Wakefield:

Further, the awesome Ben Long of Reading Vicariously will soon be releasing his own review of the book, so keep your eyes peeled on his social media channels for that:

Amazon have very kindly been offering various promotions on the novel throughout the past few months. With Christmas round the corner, it might be time to consider whether a friend or loved one may benefit from the existential nightmare of Renata’s life… Keep an eye on the Amazon listing for special offers and reduced prices! It’s currently sitting at half price with next day delivery for UK buyers, so take advantage of this steal-of-a-price and gift someone special a healthy dose of horror this Christmas…

Besides all these For Rye goings-on, I’ve had a couple of my flash fictions featured on the brilliant Literary Juggernaut, which you can read below:

But wait, there’s more…

Many test-readers have told me that Leopold’s Light, my disturbing two-page tale of mourning, insanity, and dinner is their favourite thing I’ve written. I hope your tastes are just as messed up as theirs.

I completed this flash fiction two years ago, and am overjoyed that it’s finally available to read in all its cannibalistic glory over at the superb Undead Press, where I’m chuffed to see it’s nearing 800 reads. Check it out today for a prime example of how to absolutely not, under any circumstances, honour your dead lighthouse keeper husband:

So that’s about all the news from the past couple of months. I hope you’re all keeping fantastic, safe, and spooky in this brave new world of ours, and being exquisite to those close to you. It’s a joy being back in touch with you, and I look forward to dragging you into all my future nightmares to come.

Speaking of which…

…someone is waiting for you…

…desperate to meet you…

…dying to share his life with you.

The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe is coming.

Be ready.


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