The Wolf's Howl

Many thanks to Brazilian horror author Larissa Prado for sending me an English translation of her collection The Wolf’s Howl.

Larissa had told me of the marginalisation of horror in her country, particularly of indie horror authors. This came as a surprise to me, given the genre’s unstoppable popularity elsewhere, but my surprise turned to total incredulity once I actually read her own writings and discovered what she has to offer the horror world.

She’d also told me of her passion for the cosmic horror of Lovecraft, and this passion made itself known seamlessly through the threads of her narratives. Larissa created cracks in the ordinary world, tore fissures in everyday scenarios through which these unholy cosmic horror-infused entities reared their eternal heads. The town of Tumbled Stone became her Innsmouth, its archaeological digs her very own In the Mountains of Madness uncoverings; her use of dreams as both motifs and thematic symbols became her Lovecraftian Dream Cycle (episodes of Lovecraft horror I never actually liked, but in Larissa’s hands proved far more seductive); the creatures and entities emerging unannounced from seemingly normal individuals rendered the world she created uncertain and disturbing.

I did not feel safe in her hands. I did not trust this world into which I was flung. I believed in her horror entirely.

After being humbled – and quite frankly put in my place – from reading Larissa’s collection, I have a new sense of gratitude for horror being so readily encouraged where I live. I have no doubt that if she continues crafting such masterful horror, the marginalisation of the genre in her country will dissolve, and the appreciation she and the rest of us enjoy will prove contagious to the rest of Brazil.

So here’s to those horror creators that are pursuing their passions against all odds, and pushing their craft despite whatever setbacks they’re facing. I’m sure I speak for us all when I tell Larissa that the Brazilian horror community has our support, and that she shouldn’t think twice about reaching out to us if we can assist with bringing Brazilian horror the recognition it deserves.

Continue criando um terror incrível, Lari!

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