Demonic fiction: this is an area of horror I truly adore. Maybe it’s the stark dichotomy of good versus evil that resonates so deeply with me, that God versus Satan war of the archetypes that presents such an effective and dramatic microcosm to the warring moralities of our real world. The Omen nailed it, The Exorcist blew it out of the water, and now The Brother’s Curse has left its own stamp on the subgenre of demonic fiction.

The novel centres on Crystal, a young woman returning to her hometown some years after the unexplained death of her parents. The catalyst of the story is a rare antique amethyst stone necklace, left to her by her mother. It just so happens that, in the author’s own words, wearing the necklace causes her and her friends to become the targets of two sadistic 18th-century shape-shifting demon brothers, who will stop at nothing until they find Crystal and retrieve the chariot stone necklace that holds their father and twenty-four demons captive. Fuck yeah.

The Brother’s Curse seems to run the gamut through an array of genres, including paranormal romance, mystery, thriller, and – of course – supernatural horror. However, it finds a way to touch all these bases while still feeling like a consistent, cohesive experience, not once allowing the reader to feel out of the author’s control. The ride is a wild one, and Christine makes sure you’re strapped in for the duration.

I suspect this tale would appeal to a wide demographic, although be warned that there’s some fantastically gruesome killings along the way – a true cherry on top for me!

So buckle up and get ready for a superb demonic thrill-ride full of twists, turns, and a truly shocking ending that will leave you begging for the imminent future entries in this new series.

Christine, keep ‘em coming. Fantastic job!

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