Office Politics

Office Politics is a gripping, post-apocalyptic tale that follows protagonist Richard, the sole survivor of a super-flu that’s left a barren and desolate world in its wake.

Once Richard finds himself back at his old office, and to his astonishment receives a surprise call on his work phone, the story really picks up pace. This inciting incident – the phone call – is expertly placed near the beginning of the novel, leaving the reader little time to get bored with any extensive set-ups. There is a forward-momentum built into Office Politics that leads to a driving plot, and mixed with the truly captivating protagonist, I felt carried away by the story right up to the climax.

I’m sure I won’t be the first reader to consider this somewhat of a riff on Richard Mathieson’s I am Legend, and yet Office Politics is not a derivative story. There’s an originality here that gives it a freshness, yet also harkens back to the novels that may have inspired it, such as Mathieson’s. Overall, this is a sure-fire win for lovers of all genres. Post-apocalyptic story-telling at its finest!

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