It’s not unusual for character development, that sacred component of a story that resonates, to be left by the wayside in horror. Being a lifelong fanatic of the genre, as well as a horror author myself, I’m always on the lookout for horror scribes that take the time to flesh out their characters, before forcing them to endure the nightmares of their minds. This was my first Shea – I may be somewhat late to the party – and I found it incredibly informative, as well as goddamned terrifying.⠀

Still, us horror lovers know that this terror is nothing without the human element, and Creature delivers love, hope, and tragedy without compromising the horror. Writers could all do well to learn from Hunter’s devotion to characterisation in this novel, and I for one will be taking many lessons away from this masterclass.⠀But writer or not, this tale is guaranteed to introduce you to characters that will resonate deeply, not to mention the obligatory horrors that await you. And oh boy, are there horrors…

Great job, Mr. Shea!


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