Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock is a genre-bending glimpse into a future humanity on the brink of destruction. Its manic, colourful tone makes you feel like you’re reading a comic book adventure at times, with its unusual use of footnotes and varying typefaces giving the novel a unique aesthetic and energy. Sci-fi action and comedy aside, Matt mixes in philosophical and religious discussion, adding a deeper level to the explosive narrative.⁣

Oh, and there’s gore. Loads of awesome gore.⁣

It’s not easy to recommend this book to a specific audience; sci-fi, comedy, action, horror – it’s got ’em all. As a reader who doesn’t delve too deep into the former three, I can say those elements were infused with an originality that kept me interested no matter what direction the novel spun into from page to page.⁣

A truly unique read and highly promising beginning to Matt’s forthcoming ‘Dark Matters’ universe. What a trip… Get on it.


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