Athena: Tales of Love,

Magic, and Sheer


Archit has been with me right from the beginning of my forays into these online writing communities, and it was a pleasure to finally check out his work via his contribution to the anthology Athena: Tales of Love, Magic, and Sheer Madness.

His short story, Dreams that Kill, seamlessly blends horror and fantasy into a brand of terror I’ve never experienced. I’m not particularly seasoned in witches or spells or fantasy world-building, but Archit won me over.

This tale of two parents whose child has been marked for an unfortunate fate is heartbreaking. It transposes the real-life tragedy of parental bereavement into a world of magic, where the members of this straining family dynamic do everything within their fantastical abilities to prevent the inevitable.

In so few pages, Archit establishes the rules of this world, family, and tragedy with expertise, and interweaves enough of our own reality to give the story true resonance.

Congratulations to Archit for a brilliant piece of fiction, as well as to the rest of the superb contributors.


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