A Thousand Miles to Nowhere…what a debut. David Curfiss takes great pains in this post-apocalyptic tale to draw deep connections between the main players, as well as forging our own connections to the characters, before allowing tragedy and catastrophe befitting of the very best post-apocalyptic stories to tear its way across the narrative.

There are flavours of The Walking Dead sprinkled throughout this novel, as well as cues having been taken from other post-Romero contemporary zombie flicks such as 28 Days Later. The ordeal presented to us is one not only of the desperate clinging to physical survival, but also emotional.

And that’s where the core of A Thousand Miles to Nowhere lies: emotion. If you want a zombie survival-em-up less about shooting and screaming and grisly maulings (although you’ll find those here, too) and more about the straining threads of sanity as survivors struggle to find their way through a ruined world, then this one’s for you.


Read the first chapter of A Thousand Miles to Nowhere in my feature on David, here.

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