March 2021

Greetings, fellow horror freak…
Of what do these little love letters to you – my deranged, demented comrades in horror – usually consist? Besides my usual indispensable words of wisdom, on the 1st of every month I usually wedge into your poor, unsuspecting inboxes:

…but not today.
Today I’d like to speak to you solely and completely about a certain little nightmare I birthed onto the page some three or four years ago. That nightmare was the first piece of horror fiction I ever wrote: my debut novel, For Rye. It was with great pride that last week I was able to finally reveal the cover:

Upon not only my reveal of the cover, but also the announcement that pre-orders were live, I was bowled over by the love and support shown across my social media channels. Pre-orders piled in, messages of congratulations flooded my inbox, and as a result my fragile little mind was blown to smithereens.

So yeah, ta for that.

April 9th: that’s the date to mark in your diaries. Until then, feel free to secure your copy via Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else cool enough to stock a Gavin Gardiner title.
For those who follow me on my various social media channels, it’s been a pleasure reading your comments of disturbed despair as I’ve posted weekly excerpts from the novel, and your words of appreciation continue to warm my cold, blackened heart. Those snippets will continue every Monday on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so do hit me up if you’ve not already done so. Let’s connect, baby.
Finally, let me direct you to my Amazon author page, where you can watch a short, excruciatingly awkward introductory video by yours truly. You can also hit the follow button on said page to keep up with my future releases. And, if you need help deciding whether to hit that pre-order button (spoiler: you won’t regret it) you can read the opening three chapters here. I really am too good to you.
Once again, your support and interest in my work never fails to send shudders of joy up my spine. You’re here because you love horror, because – like me – you know it’s good for your soul. Be good to YOUR soul, and secure your copy of For Rye today.
I very much hope you’ll join me for the nightmare.


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