July 2020

Greetings, fellow horror freak…

As the ever-dramatic 2020 rolls on, lurching and lumbering like some mad 50s B-movie beast, the need to channel our frustrations and grant ourselves some form of catharsis in this never-ending turmoil has never been more important.

Enter: horror.

We all love it. At least, if you’re perusing this freaky website you better goddamned love it, because that’s what you’re getting.

The big news last month was my novella, THE LAST TESTAMENT OF CRIGHTON SMYTHE, being picked up by Close to the Bone publishing, with a projected release in print and ebook formats in April next year. As a subscriber, you can expect previews in the near future.

You may also have happened upon the episodic release of my mammoth Blair Witch Project piece, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT: A DISSECTION, which is now out in full for your tent-shaking, corner-standing pleasure.

Also, I ate cake. And that about sums up June.

Much love. Be mine.



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