Book birthday!

It’s come to my attention that just over a week ago marked the 1 year book birthday of that freaky debut nightmare of mine, FOR RYE, and what better way to celebrate than with this amazing piece of video art by the magnificent Brandi Kirschbaum!

January 2022

I’d like to give a humungous horror-splattered thank you to everyone who supported my work during 2021, which saw the release of my debut novel, For Rye, and my follow-up novella, The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe.

November 2021

And as carved pumpkins rot in their gardens, as discarded sweetie wrappers gather dust upon their shameful mounds, as the spookiness of Halloween season comes to an end to the chagrin of horror lovers across the world, one man remains…
His name is Crighton Smythe.

October 2021

I do hope you’re all keeping well and gorging on the very best horror your depraved minds can track down. Speaking of the depraved, there’s extra cause for celebration this Halloween in the way of the arrival of a very special, twisted young man, but we’ll get to that shortly…