Hey, you.

Sorry for dropping off the map for a while, and many thanks for all the messages to which I never got round to replying. Expect your reply soon.

Just sending out this quick note to add my voice to so many in support of those affected by the horrifying situation in Ukraine. I made a decision right at the start of my writing journey to keep politics out of this endeavour, but you don’t need me to tell you that this has swiftly progressed far beyond politics.

My humble request is that you Google donation collection points near you and see what you’re able to supply to the refugees displaced by this atrocity. Most collection points are asking for:

-Nappies/baby essentials (including clothing)
-First aid supplies

Click here for a list of charities to which you can donate should that be more suitable (and feel free to research to see which will do the most with your money).

For those local to me in Glasgow, Scotland, the Hindu temple of Om Hindu Mandir next to Kelvingrove Park is acting as a collection point until Friday, when members of Glasgow’s Polish community have organised a van to take supplies to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country as they flee Russia’s invasion. 

I’m gathering donations from people in and around Shawlands and have set up collection points at my work and flat, so if it would be easier for me and my girlfriend to transport your donation on Friday, do drop me an email via the contact page on my website.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I know you’ve had enough history-defining moments to last you several lifetimes, but you’re doing great. Let’s reach out to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and show them that they do not stand alone in the face of tyranny.

Solidarity. Solidarity. Solidarity.


Donate: linktr.ee/GGardinerHorror

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