Ever woken up one morning and wondered if you could write a book? I did, and (for better or worse) the resulting novel was FOR RYE. Following that, a novella, several flash fictions, and various pieces of non-fiction work such as essays, reviews, and analysis pieces came into existence. Now it’s time to get it all out there – for better or worse.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My name’s Gavin, and I like horror and cheese and jam sandwiches. I dislike writing about myself.

The purpose of this site was originally to showcase my writings, so that the hulking publishing conglomerates which would soon be engaged in ferocious bidding wars over my work would have access to some kind of a portfolio. However, as I began dipping my toes into the online horror communities with which I’d figured I had to begin engaging (and as I found myself considering the probable reality of aforementioned publishing conglomerates’ disinterest in me) I started to see another potential.

What these horror communities showed me was that the internet is flooded with talented – yet hidden – writers of the horrifying that deserve a platform. Further, there’s even more writers out there I’ve concluded have knock-out concepts, ideas, and imaginations, but could use a little guidance to steer their work towards its true potential.

I should hastily add that I’m under no illusions about my own work, despite whatever conclusions you may have reached from these rambling paragraphs. Writing is a journey, and I’ve barely stepped out of the front door. I need just as much guidance, but have also learnt much in these initial years of hard work. I’ve been writing my ass off, but even if those ridiculously good looking and all-round amazing publishing giants (Is that a new haircut? It really suits you.) swat me away like a fly, at least I can pass on some nuggets of wisdom by way of this site.

So through analysis pieces, essays, guest sections, shared resources, discussion with your good selves, and, of course, my own tales of dread and despair, let’s see if together we can take a few steps on that writing journey.

I’m off for a cheese and jam sandwich.


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