Ever woken up one morning and wondered if you could write a book? I did, and (for better or worse) the resulting novel was FOR RYE. Following that, a novella, several short stories, and various pieces of non-fiction work such as essays, reviews, and analysis pieces came into existence. And now, with the aforementioned novel now available, the novella coming soon, and having had all my short stories and a selection of my non-fiction pieces featured in online publications, I’m busy formulating some exciting plans for the future.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My name’s Gavin, and I like horror and cheese and jam sandwiches. I dislike writing about myself.

The purpose of this site was originally to showcase my own writings, serving as a portfolio of sorts. However, as I began dipping my toes into the various online horror communities such as those over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads, I began to see another potential.

What these communities showed me was that the internet is flooded with talented – yet in some cases, hidden – writers of the horrorific that deserve a platform. Further, there’s even more writers out there that have knock-out concepts, ideas, and imaginations, but could use a little guidance in steering their stories in the right direction. There is staggering potential within these writers waiting to be realised.

I should hastily add that I’m under no illusions about my own work. Writing is a journey, and I’ve barely stepped out of the front door. I need just as much guidance, but have also learnt much in these initial years of hard work. I’ve been writing my ass off, and with the imminent publication of my first two books drawing nearer, I feel there may be some nuggets of wisdom I can offer.

My plans for the future of my own fiction are vast and ambitious (and damned scary), but that’s not enough. I want to help you harness the horror within and realise your true potential. Besides gearing up for the release of For Rye and The Last Testament of Crighton Smythe, as well as being deep in the planning stage of my next novel Witchcraft on Rücken Ridge, I’m also currently putting the pieces into place for a YouTube channel of regular writing advice, as well as a podcast that will dissect the mechanics of the macabre.

I mean it: you have horror in you, and I want to drag it out, kicking, screaming, and preferably gushing torn, tortured viscera all over your nice, luxury distressed Persian rug.

But for now, through analysis pieces, essays, guest features, shared resources, discussion with your good selves, and, of course, my own tales of dread and despair, let’s see if we can take a few steps on that writing journey together.

I’m off for a cheese and jam sandwich.


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